Cooper Industrial Commons, LLC is the former site of a heavy manufacting plant located at 180 Lincoln Avenue in Grove City, Pennsylvania. It's main business is in leasing space to industrial, commercial distribution, warehousing and manufacting companies.

Cooper Industrial Commons, LLC sits at the crossroads of the east. I-79 and I-80 are less than 4 miles away and over half of all major US markets are within a single day's drive from our location.


  • Pittsburgh, PA 55 miles south
  • Buffalo, NY 160 miles north
  • Cleveland, OH 100 miles northwest
  • Chicago, IL 500 miles west
  • New York, NY 380 miles east
  • Toronto, Canada 250 miles north

The people of the area are a diverse and hard working lot. Machinists, welders, shipping and receiving clerks, mechanics, electricians, supervisors, engineers and IS and IT workers are plentiful and well trained. For information on employee training programs and worker availability, please check out the Mercer County CareerLink website.

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